Peritum in Africa

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Farmer Development in Africa

This programme aims at capacitating Smallholder Farmers of various crops, in various countries in Africa to manage their crop most effectively.

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Contractor Development in Africa

Develop and up-skill Farmers in Africa to run agricultural contracting services businesses sustainably and profitably.

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Operator training in Africa

The purpose of this course is to equip the learner with the knowledge and skills in safe equipment operations and basic daily maintenance.

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Capacitation of sales teams

Capacitate Sales Teams with advanced selling skills and techniques to optimize product sales.

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Financial skills

This module will enable the learner to understand the basic financial principles, evaluate financial statements and to understand the contents and working of budgets.

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Community development

The purpose of the programme is to build capacity of farmers and the Co-operatives in the agricultural value chain through hands-on training for sustainable operations and maintenance of the productive investments.

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Online offering

Training prospectus.

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Partners in Africa

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