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About Us

Our Mission:

Design a sustainable future for Agriculture through future-ready skills training.

Agriculture is arguably the most important sector in any economy. The remarkable women and men who labour to ensure food security and protect our natural resources, face many uncertainties. Most, which is out of human control. Many leave the sector, afraid that they don’t have the ability to remain sustainable. This puts humanity at risk.

What if, who you are right now, is less important to who you are going to be? That the path you choose, and stay on, matters more?

That is why we launched PERITUM AGRI INSTITUTE, a knowledge company devoted to make Africa’s Agriculture sector the most exciting and rewarding place to work.

We do this by design; helping organisations get a better understanding of the future challenges their people will face. Then, we redesign work environments and create unique learning pathways, to train people in skills they actually need. We help Funders of Learnerships apply their budgets in such a way that people emerge more productive, more confident and ready to manage uncertainty.

The PERITUM WAY is a method of lifelong learning and improvement for people and their organisations. People enter a specific learning pathway where they continue to gain skills, over the years, to ensure a sustainable career in agriculture. Organisations are set on a continuous improvement pathway that helps them grow and adapt to the challenges of tomorrow.

PERITUMSPHERE is a portal to our reservoir of knowledge. It brings together everyone with an interest in agriculture, to find and share ideas.

What is the Peritum way?

Meet The Team

Emmie Pietersen

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Belinda Louw

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Ernest Beck

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Dr. Nalize Scheepers

Academic Head
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Amelia Marais

Research & Development Manager
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Danie Fourie

Financial Manager
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Odette Shepperson

Marketing Manager
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Suné Kraft

Project Manager
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Gladys Monnapula

Programme Manager
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Charné Booyens

Office Administrator
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Hans Jansen van Rensburg

Agri Programme Coordinator
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Elize van Niekerk

Instructional Designer
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Werner Smit

Organisational Development Consultant
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Marietjie Mhlonyane

HUB Administrator
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James Khumalo

Terrain Officer
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