Capacitation of sales teams

Purpose of the program

Capacitate Sales Teams with advanced selling skills and techniques to optimize product sales teams.


LU 1: Personal impact

  • Understand Branding
  • The value and impact of a brand message
  • Understanding that people also carry a ‘brand’- which needs to be managed to ensure success
  • The direct relations between your personal brand and your success in carrying your company brand – defining your personal brand message to ensure your success as Sales Agent
  • Explore the building blocks of your brand and how to position them:
  • Personality preferences – explore your natural strengths and focus on how to apply these to make an impact. Also know your natural weaknesses and where applicable learn skills and habits to overcome the challenges these poses to you in your job.
  • Building confidence: Understand the radiating impact of confidence that flows from a positive self-image. 
  • The power of appearance:  how to create an energetic, professional ‘me’ through body language, clothing, posture, words and tone of voice.
  • Developing a sales mindset: loose the fear and insecurity and develop focus and faith in yourself and your product
  • Evaluate your competence set: define the skills required to ensure your success as Sales Agent. Evaluate yourself against these. Grow from your strengths, whilst acting to close your skills gap.
  • Optimize your time: understand the value of time and double your days through careful planning, organizing and delegating.

LU 2: Master the Selling Process

  • Step 1: Customer Sales Plan
  • Step 2: Setting the appointment (approach)
  • Step 3: How to prepare for the visit
  • Step 4: Presentation of your offering
  • Step 5: Check for needs and responses
  • Step 6: Intro to Dealing with objections
  • Step 7: Intro to Close the deal
  • Step 8: Up-selling (basic)

LU 3: Advanced Selling: Master objections and closing the deal

  • Understand objections
  • Know types of objections:
    • Hidden objections
    • Stalling objections
    • No need objections
    • Money objections
    • Price objections
  • Apply techniques to deal with the different types of objections
    • Rephrase your offer
    • Postpone the decision
    • Questions to smoke out hidden objections
    • Boomerang method
    • Direct denial
    • Indirect denial
    • Use of 3rd party
  • Reading buying signals
  • Apply different closing techniques in different situations
    • Direct Close
    • Assumptive Close
    • Summarise pro’s
    • Premium close
    • Standing room only
    • Alternative close

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