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22 May 2024

Graduation Ceremony – Class of 2022

Bloemfontein-based private agricultural college host largest graduation since 2014.

26 April 2024

Peritum’s largest group of graduating students since the inception of the college celebrated their achievements with their families at the annual graduation ceremony held at Leopards and Lace in Bloemfontein on April 26, 2026.

“Our institutional name, ‘Peritum’, Latin for ‘circle of experts’, aptly describes our convocation today,” said Emmie Pietersen. “We celebrate the accomplishments of the largest group of diplomandi since the college’s inception in 2012”

Emmie Pietersen welcomed students and their families, emphasizing how proud she and Belinda Louw, fellow founding director of Peritum Agri Institute, are to host this event in their honor.

Peritum College takes a career-oriented approach to offering qualifications, incorporating a hands-on practical program that equips graduates ready to enter the agricultural workforce. These diplomas are fully accredited, balancing practical and theoretical learning equally. This approach is possible due to the support of a multitude of experts and organizations that share their expertise, production models, and years of experience with Peritum students.

“The significance of our collaborations with John Deere, the Red Meat Production Organization, Aeres University of Applied Science, and Senwes Equipment cannot be overstated,” Pietersen asserts. “It’s nearly inconceivable to envision delivering these two diplomas without their engagement. They contribute invaluable support by sharing resources and expertise, whether through hands-on learning opportunities or serving as guest lecturers. Through these partnerships, our students gain firsthand exposure to authentic agricultural practices.”

Gerben van Niekerk, motivational speaker and OFM presenter, delivered the keynote address, encouraging students to overcome challenges, be resilient, and choose to act regardless of circumstances.

Formal proceedings saw 120 students being awarded National Diplomas, with 87 specializing in Animal Production, while 33 majored in Plant Production. Upon the conclusion of the formal proceedings, special awards were presented to top achievers in both programs. Tsepang Seleka, Hennie Hancke, and Gerhard Ferreira were merit award winners in the Plant Production Programme, with Chris Wessels being appointed the Top Achiever.

Drew Evans, Vamamusa Maphalala, and Melinda Groenewald obtained merit awards in the Animal Production Programme, with Frederik Nel being named the Top Achiever.

Hennie Hancke and Vamamusa Maphalala addressed fellow students at the closing of the proceedings, encouraging them to make wise choices and apply their learning and growth to expand their farming businesses and provide food for the nation.

A festive atmosphere prevailed after the ceremony as students and their loved ones gathered around the refreshment tables and photo booths, sipping champagne and celebrating succes

About Peritum Agri Institute

Peritum serves as a gateway to comprehensive solutions for crafting and enhancing a resilient workforce dedicated to revolutionizing the agricultural sector for a sustainable future. We are a skills development institute committed to educating individuals who are advancing agriculture in South Africa. Our community includes young farmers seeking practical agricultural qualifications, corporations engaged in the agricultural industry, established commercial farmers and their employees, up-and-coming farmers, and all participants in related farming industries.

The PERITUM WAY represents a lifelong journey of learning and advancement for individuals and their organizations. It offers a defined learning trajectory where participants continuously acquire skills, securing a sustainable agricultural career over time. This approach also supports organizations committed to ongoing enhancement, enabling them to thrive and meet future challenges.