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7 Mar 2024

Peritum Agri Institute partners with Roots College, Namibia in creating a pathway for educational development in agriculture

Peritum Agri Institute partners with Roots College, Namibia in creating a pathway for educational development in agriculture.

The official opening of Roots College, in partnership with Peritum Agri Institute, took place in Windhoek, Namibia on 27 February 2024. This joint initiative is aimed at bringing quality agricultural education to school leavers with an interest in farming in Namibia.

The event was well attended by prospective students, parents, media, and government officials, which included the Honorable Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Mr Erastus Uutoni.

At the event, the founder of ROOTS College, Dr. Johan Riekert referred to it as a ground-breaking initiative, aimed at empowering youth through education, taking an entrepreneurial approach to addressing food security in this arid land. ‘Students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to produce food’ he said, ‘but our programmes will also instill an entrepreneurial spirit and the business know-how to turn agricultural production units into profitable and sustainable enterprises.

Minister Uutoni, speaking on national television, encouraged young people to take up the opportunity offered through the  qualifications that will be offered in 2024,  and further their schooling, which he mentioned, often exit on Grade 10 or 11. He emphasized the importance of agricultural development, also in urban and rural development planning and said that he is pleased with this initiative as it promotes agriculture and food security.

Emmie Pietersen and Belinda Louw, founders and Directors of Peritum Agri Institute said that they were inspired by the ability of the nation, where almost 70% of people depend on agriculture for their livelihood, to grow food in arid conditions. ‘Peritum is here today because we see a prosperous future when the Namibian resilience in growing food in harsh climatic conditions is paired with hands-on, practical education about climate smart agricultural production practices! We are here, excited not only to teach, but also to learn’.

During 2024 prospective students will enrol at the Peritum Agri Institute for National Certificate programmes in Animal and Plant Production on NQF level 3 and 4. These programmes bridge the gap that is created by the many scholars exiting the school system on Grade 10 and 11 equivalent level in Namibia.

Roots College and Peritum Agri Institute, as strategic partner in establishing and managing the agricultural faculty, has however developed a pathway for tertiary education in agriculture which will be accredited with Namibian authorities. These qualifications are aimed at climate smart agricultural production practices.

Roots College

From left to right: Eddie Conradie (Managing Director: Roots College); Emmie Pietersen (Director: Peritum Agri Institute); Johan Riekert (Founder of Roots college); Belinda Louw (Director: Peritum Agri Institute); Salomon Kalondo (Director: Roots College)