Contractor Development in Africa

Purpose of the program

Develop and up-skill Farmers in Africa that  to run agricultural contracting services businesses sustainably and profitably

Setting up and running an Agricultural Contracting Service business requires business skills, marketing skills and technical knowledge of the implements and their running costs and maintenance requirements.

Learning modules

Module 1: Setting up and running an agri-contracting service business

  • Setting up a business
  • Business models for agri-contracting services
  • Sensitise on legal requirements relevant to specific country
  • Setting up contracts/ service level agreements
  • Scheduling for optimal productivity and adherence to maintenance requirements
  • Meeting John Deere quality requirements and standards
  • After sales service- monitoring yield, re-contracting
  • Roles and responsibilities of relevant role players

Module 2: Manage your finance

  • Mastering the terms efficiency and effectiveness
  • Basic record keeping and book keeping principles and processes
  • Putting a quote together
  • Issuing invoices
  • Debt collection principles and practices
  • Cash flow management

Module 3: Marketing and customer care

  • Determine market potential in an area
  • Develop profiles of all potential clients
  • Do’s and don’ts   in marketing your services
  • Principles of customer service
  • Indicators of success that will also ensure return-work 

Module 4: Basic Agronomy (50% practice)

  • Understand soil composition and structure
  • Soil preparation practices 
    1. Soil preparation options
    2. Conservation and non-conservation methods (if applicable)
    3. Crop specific soil preparation
  • Planting practices
    1. Planter calibration
    2. Crop specific planting practice
  • Spraying
    1. Accurate application rate
    2. Optimal product droplet size
    3. Consistent crop coverage
    4. Reducing overlaps and skips
    5. Timeliness
    6. Drift control

Module 5: Mechanization

  • Implement economy- optimal use of implements according to the task at hand
  • Implement specifications – find the right implements for the job (based on market demand for service)
  • How to determine the running cost of implements 
  • How to determine price of services (based on the above) in order to be market related AND profitable
  • Basic principles of how to care for your implements in a contracting business
  • Basic safety
  • Basic daily maintenance

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