Farmer Development in Africa

Purpose of the program

The Farmer Development Program aims at capacitating Smallholder Farmers of various crops, in various countries in Africa to manage their crop most effectively. This could potentially raise the yield, and hence income potential which in return should be managed well to enable the farming family to expand on infrastructure such as mechanised equipment, which in return will enhance effectiveness, efficiency, crop expansion and yield potential.

Learning modules

Module 1: Farm Management and Administration (including Finance)

  • LU1: Understanding the value chain of farming
  • LU2: Basic Farm Finance


Understand the farming system and how the value chain impacts on it

  • Understand farm production
  • Understand the concepts of income and expense
  • Know how to draft a basic cash flow plan
  • Understand the concepts of profit and loss
  • Apply methods to become more profitable and be financially healthy

Module 2: Mechanization

  • LU 3: Mechanization of farming
  • LU 4: Safe Machine Operation
  • LU 5: Machine Maintenance


  • Understand how mechanisation impacts on production
  • Know the features and benefits of various implements and machines
  • Know the importance of the safe operation of machines
  • Understand the importance of general maintenance
  • Identify malfunctioning
  • Apply basic maintenance procedures

Module 3: Crop Production

  • LU 6: Land preparation
  • LU 7: Planting the crop
  • LU 8: Growing the crop
  • LU 9: Fertilizing the crop
  • LU 10: Plant diseases and pests
  • LU 11: Harvesting the crop


  • Know the machinery and implements for establishing crops
  • Demonstrate ability to planting and growing the crop
  • Soil fertiliser and plant nutrition
  • Identify typical diseases that is found in Africa
  • Understand the crop harvest process

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