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18 Jan 2024

Peritum Agri Institute Congratulate Matriculants on their Results

Today is a significant moment in time for matriculants with examination results being published. Peritum Agri Institute congratulates students and teachers on their efforts and wishes students a bright future.

Matriculation results determines students’ eligibility for tertiary education or entry into the workforce and for many matriculants today would be a turn in the road as decisions will be made about further studies. At Peritum College we prepare students for a career in agriculture, and we welcome school leavers to our institution.

According to the international Food and Agriculture Organization, agriculture is central to fostering economic growth, reducing poverty, and improving food security in the Southern African region. South Africa has the largest agricultural land on the continent and offers employment to 888000 people in the primary agriculture sector. Agriculture is also the fastest growing industry in the South African economy.

Students interested in a career in agriculture can contact Peritum Agri Institute now to learn more about our qualifications in agricultural production. At Peritum College we offer vocational training in a hands-on, practical manner as theoretical modules are complimented with an extensive practical programme.

Students can choose to specialise in Animal Production or Plant Production. Both programmes cover topics such as farm business management, staff management, farm finance management and marketing of agricultural products.

In the animal production diploma programmes students will learn more about animal anatomy and physiology, animal health, nutrition, husbandry, production systems and managing feedlots.

Students on the plant production diploma programme will grow their knowledge about plant anatomy and physiology, soil preparation and establishing crops, fertilization and plant nutrition, managing diseases and pests in crops, crop cultivation and harvesting practices.

Peritum graduates are work-ready. More than 100 graduates exit our programmes every year and take up jobs as farmers or farm managers in primary agriculture or enter corporate careers as interns in grain silo management, agri retail management, agri input sales representatives or technical advisors. Many graduates also complete the John Deere Agri Equipment Certified Operator Programme and find their way to the USA.

To enrol at the reputable Peritum Agri Institute contact us now at 082 564 8853 /