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Welcome to the Peritum Online Learning Experience

E-learning is the use of Information Technology to provide a learning experience to students in your organization anywhere and at any time convenient to them. More so, upskilling can happen at a just in time pace in nugget format to ensure that competence is constantly aligned to organizational demands.

Online training provides a virtual classroom. Students are given information, they can do internet research, watch training videos, complete activities, do online quizzes, projects, assignments and various types and levels of assessment. Students take ownership for their learning and development and can control their pace.

Features of Online Training

  • Modern and easy to use Interface
  • Scroll and click
  • Simple navigation
  • Theatre of learning / Multiple activities and methodologies
  • Assessment implementation
  • Pre-assessment
  • Post assessment
  • Topical assessment
  • Coach review
  • Set your threshold
  • Attempts setting
  • Immediate grades
  • Easily view logs & reports
  • Enrolment report
  • Progress report
  • Course feedback report
  • Activity log
  • Customized reporting
  • At cost: export/import options
  • Computer, tablet and mobile application friendly
  • Convenience in after-hours/out-of-office access
  • Own pace
  • Login: Username & Password
  • Personalised calendars and upcoming learning events
  • Import option to outlook calendar
  • Collaboration management e.g. live chat, Wikis, internal messaging
  • Structure for coaching discussions
  • Raise employee engagement
  • Promote self-worth and accountability
  • Flexibility
  • Use in combination with contact training (cut cost and raise effectiveness)
  • Secure with no guest access
  • Login driven with detailed monitoring
  • Privacy settings
  • Helpdesk Support
  • 24hr lead-time guaranteed
  • Dedicated system administrator at Peritum
  • Attractive as employer of choice
  • Cost-efficiency (save up to 90% on training cost)

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