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29 Oct 2018

Do you know that, by law, all tractor operators must be certified?

Five good reasons to train your employees in the use of tractors and the equipment:

– Trained employees take greater responsibility in taking care of the equipment.

– All employers in South Africa, according to the law, are responsible for the safety of their staff.

– Low-skilled workers who have completed the certified training are more motivated and prouder of their work

– Technology is growing more sophisticated and the optimal and effective application thereof requires that the operator has basic training to be an operator.

– The services of trained staff are more in demand – “an important contribution that farmers can make to combat unemployment in South Africa within the agricultural environment”

Contact us today to train your tractor operators in Legal requirements, General maintenance and safety, Start up and driving as well as the Operation of a tractor, combine and sprayer.

Peritum is also the proud training provider for operator training to John Deere Sub-Sahara Africa

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