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24 Jul 2020


In discussions with our clients over the past few months we realised that a mutual concern for HR Executives during COVID -19 were compliance to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, specifically with reference to statutory training. The risk of bringing people together for contact training is just so high, but so is the risk of not sensitizing and skilling people in terms of workplace safety.

This was a call to action for PERITUM!

And on 16 July 2020 we entered a Partnership with the SHE GROUP, an accredited provider of statutory training according to the requirements of the OHSA and Construction Regulations. SHE GROUP is also a corporate member of SAIOH, SAIOSH & MBA.

‘This partnership enables us to offer high quality, accredited statutory training online’ says Emmie Pietersen, Director responsible for Research and Development at Peritum Agri Institute. ‘Through our E-learning platform we provide highly practical, accredited learning EXPERIENCES, with visual resources and lecturer broadcasts that optimizes learner engagement. Courses are easy to access, fun to do and learners are assessed as they progress and on completion of their POE’s they will be accredited.’

SHE GROUP Managing Director, Francois du Toit is excited about the partnership. ‘The beauty of online learning’, he says, ‘is that it offers an accessible, cost efficient solution to our clients. Now it will be possible to train that individual employee or smaller groups on relevant topics. An additional advantage of course is the total cutback on the cost of travel and accommodation.’
Clients of Peritum Agri Institute and the SHE GROUP will now also have access to the broader base of training solutions offered by both providers. A one-stop quality service you can trust.

Included in the statutory training offering are popular courses such as SHE REP, Intro to OHSA, Firefighting, HIRA, HAZCHEM and many more. See our online brochure or contact us now at or

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Francois Du Toit (Managing Director: SHE Group) ; Belinda Louw (Director: Peritum Agri Institute)