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22 Sep 2020

The Agri-Retail Management Programme

The Agri-Retail Manager

The agricultural ‘retail’ environment has changed dramatically in the last decade. The typical producer-oriented rugged trade branch concept within a protected marketplace has transformed due to the challenges posed by fast-paced ever-transforming retail sector trends, the growing competitive marketplace and digitization that increased direct/ wholesale access to farmers. Agri retailers should guard their market share, aggressively implementing new market growth strategies more aligned to international best retail practice and digitize through implementing a multi-channel sales strategy that includes an online component if they wish to survive.

Traditional Agri-retailers are already undergoing transformational change propelled by manufacturer mergers, farmer consolidation and technological advancements along the agricultural supply chain. These changes are forcing traditional Agri-retailers to review their practices and strategies to better compete and meet their farmer-customers’ needs. Online competition will continue to intensify and pressure margins. The growth of online ag retail will accelerate this change. However, it is expected not to change the basic business model of Agri-retailers, which is grounded in product distribution and service provision.

Agri retailers has the competitive advantage of a wide-spread footprint for distribution and service delivery. They should capitalize on this advantage by advancing towards implementing a multi-channel sales strategy. This strategy provides farmers multiple avenues to interact with an Agri retailer. A full online interface may soon even become standard practice, allowing chat, video calls, e-commerce, service scheduling and other capabilities through an integrated customer centric online service platform.

At the head of Agri-retail outlets are managers, many whom have progressed through the chain of command due to their excellent administrative ability. The shift towards retail best practice and multi-channel delivery requires a shift in management mindset and practice.

At Peritum we embrace change, working dedicatedly with our partner-clients to design and shape a future-ready workforce. With 20 years’ experience in the Agri-sector we understand the tremendous opportunity that the new generation retail managers must ensure prosperous and sustainable retail branches. Hence our Agri Retail Branch Manager Development Programme, uniquely designed to enable Agri Retail Branch Managers to step up to the challenge.

We do however want to indulge you by aligning the content to the preferred leadership culture that your business embrace. So, we will gladly consult with you on your programme, re-designing it to be custom fit to your business needs and demands.

• More so, this programme is now available not only as facilitator-lead class-room training, but as blended -learning too. Master the content in your own time and space and then engage in meaningful structured discussions via broadcast sessions with an expert facilitator.

• Talk to us today, Partners in shaping the future.