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5 Jul 2021

The Agri-Retail Management Programme

The Agri-Retail Manager

The agricultural ‘retail’ environment is being remodeled. The typical producer-oriented rugged trade branch setting is transforming to align with the opportune fast-paced, customer centric, modern retail trends; the growing competitive marketplace; and the digital advancement that is advancing wholesale accessibility to farmers.

Agri retailers are more conscious to guard their market share; excel at implementing new market growth strategies; employ best retail and merchandizing practice; and introducing multi-channel sales strategies.

Change is not new to agri-retailers. In just a decade this sector had already adapted to multiple shifts in how business is done, the changes propelled by manufacturer mergers, farmer consolidation and technological advancements along the agricultural supply chain. Agri retailers had to review practices and strategies to better compete and meet their farmer-customers’ needs.

The solid foundation from where agri-retailers continue to grow their business in this ever-transforming environment are their wide-spread footprint.  Agri Retail Branches, are spread throughout South Africa, operating as service delivery and distribution hubs, delivering whatever agri-production requires to even the most rural of farmers, with personal care and dedication. 

Heading agri retail outlets are managers, excellent administrators, now challenged to grow with the change, to transform into Master of Business, experts of multi-channel marketing and sales, custodians of complex inventory and trusted advisors to our farming and non-farming clients alike.

At Peritum we think forward and work with our clients to design and shape a future-ready workforce.

Our Agri Retail Management Development Programme is uniquely designed to enable Agri Retail Managers to step up to the challenge. Join the journey. Harvest the future.

In this 12-month programme we cover wide-spread ground. Along the journey you will be introduced to the future of retail and merchandizing best practice and trends. You will learn about consumer behaviour and customer service excellence.  You will consider multi-channel marketing, and principles that drives online selling success. The programme also provides opportunity to explores ways in which to optimize inventory, managing finance, drive business as an entrepreneur and engage and mobilize staff in support of the business goals.

We do however want to indulge you by aligning the content to the leadership culture that your business embrace. So, we will gladly consult with you on your programme, re-designing it to be custom fit to your business needs and demands.

More so, this programme is now available not only as facilitator-lead class-room training, but as blended -learning too. Master the content in your own time and space and then engage in meaningful structured discussions via broadcast sessions with an expert facilitator.

Talk to Peritum today, Partners in shaping the future.