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21 Jul 2020

Technical Workshop Managers

Managers in technical workshops often faces a dichotomy. They are appointed because of their love and passion for machines and processes, but as manager their day start and end with people, not systems, not machines and not processes as may be their preference!

They keep doing what they have been doing, with the additional joys of managing people, schedules, training and evaluations, budgets, reports to upper management and meetings.

The fast pace of the Agri technical evolution with digitization and advanced electronic technology add more complexity to the role of Technical Services Manager having to keep track and ensure that the workforce does too!

Adding some spice to all of this is the role they fulfil managing cross-functional teamwork. On the Equipment Sales side they need to coordinate with Marketers, whom often are less interested in the careful planning of the workshop schedule and more (and rightfully so!) driven by the customers expectation for the delivery of the equipment. On the other hand, they are dependent on the cooperation and synergy that they need to establish with the Parts Division as not to lose hours in the day waiting for parts.

Workshop Managers are no longer just that, they are technical experts, basic electronic engineers, customer service champions, liaison officers, coaches and mentors, change agents, financial and business managers and communication experts. And mostly, all they ever wanted to do was working with machines and systems.

At Peritum we embrace change, working dedicatedly with our partner-clients to design and shape a future-ready workforce. With 20 years’ experience in the Agri-business context we understand the complexity of what the Technical Service Managers needs to face. We have put together a management development programme, specifically for Technical Service Managers, teaching them the broad base of skills they need for the multitude of roles they fulfil.

Yet we realise that every business is shaped by unique realities and have a unique leadership culture it embraces. So, we will gladly consult with you on your programme, re-designing it to be custom fit to your business needs and demands.

More so, this programme is now available not only as facilitator-lead class-room training, but as blended -learning too. Master the content in your own time and space and then engage in meaningful structured discussions via broadcast sessions with an expert facilitator.

Talk to us today, Partnering to shaping the future.