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31 Jan 2020

Peritum Agri Institute and Senwes Equipment Announces Partnership

A shared interest in sustainable agriculture is the foundation of a strong newly formed partnership between these two companies. On 6 January 2020, Peritum Agri Institute and Senwes Equipment officially entered into an agreement to partner in promoting skills development and best practice in agri production on the continent.

A shared interest in the inclusive development of agri technology skills amongst young and old, motivated this exciting agreement.

Senwes will partner in the diploma programmes for animal and plant production as well as operator short courses offered by Peritum College through providing John Deere equipment as well as technical support and expertise in the Infrastructure and Technology module. Peritum will offer co-branding opportunities in recognition of the partnership, as well as host Senwes delegates at all events. Peritum Agri Institute core contribution however is skills development in the agricultural sector, the backbone of the industry Senwes operates in.

“We are very excited to work with each other. Teaming up will surely help us enhance and enrich the sector. This partnership reflects our desire to collaborate with one another towards a shared vision of an able and future ready inclusive agricultural industry,” says Belinda Louw, Director Peritum Agri Institute.

The partnership shall remain effective for a period of five years from starting date, where after the understanding may be extended by mutual written agreement of the institutions.
Commitment, efficiency and innovation will be necessary for this collaboration to be a success. Together, Peritum Afgri Institute and Senwes Equipment have a great deal to offer.


The PERITUM WAY is a method of lifelong learning and improvement for people and their organizations. People enter a specific learning pathway where they continue to gain skills, over the years, to ensure a sustainable career in agriculture. Organizations are set on a continues improvement pathway that helps them grow and adapt to the challenges of tomorrow.

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Senwes is one of the leading agricultural companies in South Africa with clients symbolizing the heart of the company. The company is deeply rooted in agriculture and has rich extends over a period of 110 years.
The Senwes Group of companies is supported by Three pillars – Input Supply, Financial and Technical Services and Market Access. The Senwes Group has an integrated business model to facilitate its core objective of making a meaningful contribution to food security in South Africa in a sustainable manner.

WEBSITE: https://www.senwes.co.za/en-ZA/about-senwes
CONTACT: +27 18 464 7800 / 080 941 4011

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