Organisational Design

Organisational Design and Job Profiling

The PERITUM AGRI INSTITUTE help predict, design and skill the workforce your company needs tomorrow, today.

The competitive world of business requires of organisations to carefully consider the design of its operations and structure, optimizing effectiveness today, whilst positioning for the challenges of tomorrow.

Organisation design provides the framework through which an organization aims to realize its future. It is the enabler of business processes execution; the foundation from where the workforce operates and the sphere within which clients are served to satisfaction, or not.

No single formula exists for determining the appropriate design of organisations. The dynamics of these living organisations and the ever-evolving scope of the future calls for the expertise PERITUM can offer.

Turn your workforce into a strategic advantage

The Peritum Way to Organisational Design:

...starts with corporate self-reflection.

What is your sense of purpose? How will you make a difference for your clients, employees, and investors? What will set you apart from others, now and in the future? What differentiating capabilities will allow you to deliver your value proposition over the next two to five years?

...puts the organogram last.

Re-design is not in principle about the blocks in the org chart, but about leading the company towards a preferred future…hence structure follows strategy. Process and strategy design precede structural mapping.

...promotes accountability, optimizing your strengths.

Ring fence and protect what really works well, challenge all areas with a remote possibility of non-performance and assign accountability from top to bottom- fearlessly.

…promotes lean and mean. Make less be more.

Turn your workforce into a strategic advantage contact Peritum now for organisational design, structuring challenges, work process redesign, job profiling, and workforce planning.


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