Assessment Services

Investment in human capital development is an investment in the future of your organization. Developing human capability automatically results in improved organisation results, customer satisfaction and organisational effectiveness. Organisational effectiveness is optimized once the competence within the organisation is developed to its full potential.

The workforce of the future is prepared to respond to the ever- changing landscape of employment; are able to work in virtual groups and circumstances; are agile and able to collaboratively solve problems; demonstrate willingness to adapt behaviour rapidly; and continuously align behaviour to organizational strategy.

We offer a wide range of psychometric assessment tools

Optimizing competence requires that organisations nurture the specific strengths of individual employees and then redirect, develop and employ them in alignment to both their personal capability and organizational need. Assessment services are the enabler of the process. It is a well-known fact that both recruitment and development of staff are costly expense items within an organisation, making the importance of being as specific as possible in the identification of competency gaps obvious. 

Objective assessments ensure cost effectiveness, best-fit appointments, alignment with organisational capacity needs, and focused development efforts. The assessment process supports, and is aligned with, the organisation’s strategy. The development of identified competencies should result in the effective performance of individuals, teams and the organisation, in a complex and ever-changing environment.

The Peritum Psychometric Assessments and Development Services are focused at understanding people and making accurate predictions about their current capabilities, potential and likely efficiency in specific work contexts. Through interactive and computerized/ online psychometric assessments, the aim is to understand a candidate’s work style, acquired skills and preferred work environment, in order to ensure a good person-job fit.

We are sure to employ different assessment methods that meet international best-practice standards and tests, which are valid, fair and reliable. All psychometric assessment instruments are carefully selected to ensure appropriate use within cross-cultural contexts, and are therefore suitable for application within the diverse South African market.

We offer a wide range of psychometric assessment tools, customized assessment centres, managerial assessment methodology, leadership assessment services, and team compatibility assessment services.


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